Are you a Masonic wife, partner, significant-other or girlfriend?

Do you have questions about Freemasonry, such as:

  • Why won’t my husband share Masonic secrets with me?
  • How does Freemasonry make good men, better? Better at what?
  • What really goes on in the closed lodge room?
  • Why was he given a white, leathern apron when he became a Master Mason? What is its actual purpose?
  • Will he really have to ride a goat?
  • Why did he buy his Masonic ring?
  • Is ritual, evil?


Or,…are you a Freemason?


Do you have a question that your wife, significant-other, partner or girlfriend has asked you (or is currently asking you) about Freemasonry?

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Freemasonry has many facets, some of which can be a little hard to understand, so it is only natural that spouses have questions about Freemasonry. 

So,…this is the place to ask them.

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