Becoming a Mason is an individual choice and many men
do consider that question at some point in their life.

Most people remember an uncle, grandfather, or even their
own father grabbing their apron and ring and heading out
to the local meetings. Didn’t you always wonder what went
on in those meetings?

An intriguing thing to me was that these men seemed to be
at ease with each other and even called each other “brother”.
I did wonder what made that bond possible between men of
different ages, occupations, backgrounds, & education.

Here are just a few reasons I suggest you check into what
it takes to become a member.

These men promise to help other members if asked to.
This is extended to include a members family, also.

Members of this fraternity will include outstanding individuals
from all walks of life. You may have the opportunity to get to
know these men under favorable circumstances.

This Fraternity offers the individual man the opportunity to
experience being in charge of a committee or maybe help plan,
develop and implement projects in the lodge and community.

Moral virtues are important to Freemasonry. Many of the older
members are good role models by example in the community.

Just spending time with such good men will make you want
to become one, in most cases.

To become a Mason a candidate must satisfactorily meet
all the specific criteria. He must be: At least the minimum
age required by that particular Lodge; be of good morals
and good reputation; believe in a Supreme Being; he must
apply of his own free will, and be unanimously elected by
the Lodge members.

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